Leaving 40 … So why blog?

It’s time.  Time to put the crochet hook aside and start writing.  Perhaps I also need to stop watching Pretty Little Liars as well, but I’m a mum, school-teacher, partner – I am woman … I’m really good at multi-tasking!   I’ve thought about doing this for a while now.  I feel like I should have put more thought into this, been more organised but oh well … here I am … finally made a start.  (Just on that … I really struggled to set this up. I think I’ve actually signed up to 2 blog sites and the other one I actually had to part with some cash. Such an amateur!)

I’m about to turn 41 next week. I made a plan to start blogging before I turn 41. Even if it was one of the last things I do as a 40 year old.  3 days to go … and counting.

So why blog?  That was a question I asked myself and had to scout the world wide web to see what everyone else was blogging about.  Turns out, anything.  And nothing.  Or everything.  It doesn’t matter what you write about because it’s your blog.  And yes, there will be people out there that disagree, that have their opinions and apparently that is okay.  It’s still your blog.

The other reason I’ve chosen to blog?  I’ve wanted to write for a long time.  I want to write children’s books.  I have a theme already to go.  I want to write a series of books for teenagers.   Ideas are ready to spill out.  I want to write about my mothers’ life.  Tell her story.  Lately I’ve had so many things going around in my head and felt a need to get them out.  I thought about a diary but from experience, that has never worked for me.  Blogging seems to be a trend. So, why not? Blog!

My main reason for blogging?  One day I won’t be around for my children or their children.  They will no longer hear my voice, be able to listen to my ravings, share in my opinions, block out my singing … so I want to leave them something they can have forever.  And we all know that everything on the internet is forever.  Even if you don’t want it to be sometimes.  They probably think that me writing a blog is “lame”.  They have all sorts of words for their mothers’ “lameness” but being 40 “lame” was the only word I could come up with.  Still, “lame” or not, here I am almost at the end of my very first blog.  I feel somewhat accomplished and yet I know this is just the beginning.  There is plenty more where this came from.  Word of warning – some of these blogs may be downright ridiculous, some may offend, some may be sad and some may be quirky, funny and out there.  Proceed with caution!



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