A Crochet Excursion …

Every blanket I crochet has a story, a reason, a purpose. For me, the very idea of a world without crochet is like a fish without water … it isn’t worth thinking about.  Crocheting has become a definite part of who I am. I am now known in some circles for my crocheting. Weird! Who would have seen that coming? The results are always different. To date, I’ve made 6  blankets. Currently, I have 3 on the go. Each time it hasn’t always been about the final result but more about the journey (although the results always leave me feeling quite satisfied).  Crocheting is not a dying art. It is very much in our midst.

The first blanket I ever crocheted was for Sean when he was born. It was in rainbow colours and I was pretty chuffed with the outcome. Years later when our gorgeous Hayden (Sean’s cousin) was born, he got to use that very same blanket. That filled my heart with so much joy.

The second blanket I made was for the gorgeous Micah. I had actually started it when Nicolette was pregnant with Micah. It was supposed to be her baby blanket. However, like so many projects, they take time and life takes over and that is exactly what happened with Micah’s blanket. However, when she turned 2, I was finally able to give it to her for her birthday. Better late than never I say. And it’s purple … my favourite colour.

The third blanket was really just a personal project. I wanted to see if I remembered what to do. Turns out I did. I loved matching colours. I loved the brightness. I was having a whole heap of fun being creative. Then we needed to fundraise for Shahni to go to Brazil. And the wonderful Donna suggested that we fundraise the blanket. It took a while to decide to raffle the blanket. I kept thinking about all the time, love, energy and then decided … yes some one needs this blanket in their lives! Well, then there was a Facebook page and there was a raffle and a police draw and the blanket was won by the lovely Lizzie. It was a mammoth task, but I got there with a whole lot of patience, perseverance and loads of love from my many supporters.

Blanket number 4 was out of the blue really. Donna was busy knitting a blanket for her grandson and I suggested maybe I help, maybe we crochet it and then it was a crocheted blanket and it turned out fabulously. It was huge and would have probably squashed Lockie at the time as he was so little but very cool all the same.


Number 5 crocheted blanket was for India. I had agreed to make all the kids one. They just needed to let me know the colours and I would crochet them. India chose her colours and set out a little plan for me to follow. It turned out huge. At least the same size as a queen sized bed. The colours looked so good together.

Then there was the waffle blanket. Blanket 6. I had taught myself how to crochet a waffle stitch using You Tube. At first I didn’t think I could do it but after a few attempts, unraveling and redoing I got the gist. And it truly looked like a waffle. Lisa really enjoyed the waffle stitch and I remember thinking that I would give her the blanket if I ever managed to finish it. It was a long waffle journey (another blog for another day) but I got there. Blanket number 5, done and dusted!

I still have 3 blankets on the go. Poor Zeb has been waiting for his blue blanket for a very long time now … and it’s coming along … just not fast enough. It probably doesn’t help that I started a blanket for me using a new stitch that I learned from You Tube and then I started a blanket for Donna … however, they will all get done!


Crocheting has really been my sanity. It gives me the opportunity to be creative. I’m forever learning something new. It is a great conversation starter and it adds so much colour to my life. It gives me an opportunity to relax and it’s all about me and no one else.  I would love to be able to teach the kids to crochet. Even just one of them. They’ve all watched, tried but not persevered. There is no quick fix in crocheting.

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